When it is necessary for you to deliver cargo, «EVGED Group» will develop the optimum logistical scheme

Transport services

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Warehouse services

«EVGED Group» dispose excise warehouses and free economic zone warehouses with a total area of 15000 m ² and capacity to 15000 (EUR) pallets. Warehouse complexes are in Latvia and Estonia.

All types of cargoes in warehouses can be stored with a various temperature mode from -30°C to +20°С

Warehouse capacities allow to serve to 90 trucks and 70 containers in day.

All cargoes being stored are covered by the insurance policy.

Customs services

Important point of cooperation «EVGED Group» with owners of cargo is registration of customs and transport documents.

Our clients don’t have necessity to personally prosecute subjects of customs registration.

Experts of «EVGED Group» will consult on any questions connected with customs registration.